“Make Product Trust a Utility”

FVT is a technology company providing SaaS using blockchain, sensors and web applications to verify product authenticity and enable secondary transactions in consumer products.

The lack of basic supply chain verification and asymmetric information flow are creating material market inefficiencies across multiple consumer categories which FVT is addressing with a blockchain software database built on cloud infrastructure.

The core problem

Lack of product authenticity in primary and secondary markets

Costing consumers, small businesses and governments billions annually.

Is it real?
Is it authentic?
Where was it manufactured and sourced?
Is the package and/or product adulterated?
Can I collect and trade it?

Our mission is to create a platform and an ecosystem that allows customers to verify, tag and trade real, tangible products in a digitized world.

FVT and its partners verify “Goods are What They Claim to Be” and are creating unique digital tokens for physical goods that promote appreciation and allow for more efficient resale/trading.

Learn more

For further details please contact us at info@futureverification.com


Verified products at all price points and points of sale/resale are
premium products.

From a marketing standpoint, the data generated from the FVT system can provide insightful user data to the grower, manufacturer and consumer re-seller that will help inform and instruct ROI-based marketing decisions.

Examples of major
marketing implications

  • GDPR compliant return path data to inform ROI.
  • Proven product quality/authenticity via verification
  • Improved pricing power at initial sale.
  • Added consumer value for collectables.
  • Geostamp proof of geographic source and provenance.
  • Links to images of suppliers and their stories.
  • Information on specific region of ingredients and history of the region and suppliers.
  • Verified information on ingredient and product age/ageing of product.
  • Real time links into the manufacturing/crafting process that can be used for story telling.
  • Evidence of ethical sourcing, social impact, etc.