The Verification Solution.

A blockchain ledger combined with a powerful database, AI and simple mobile web app interface.

FVT Authentication Technology Stack

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The Database Solution.

FVT blockchain ledger.

We believe that blockchain is ideally suited for our task and mission.

Distributed Ledger

A distributed ledger that can not be altered tracing all steps of a supply & distribution chain that allows for our advanced authenticity and provenance verification technology.

End-to-End Features

End-to-end immutability, transparency and traceability.

Use of NFC & QSR Technology

Post purchase use of NFC & QSR technology to verify product details and geo-sourcing (patent file in process) and record them permanently in the database.

Multiple Nodes

A database built on multiple nodes creating multiple simultaneous backup copies of the data and very high levels of global resilience.

Efficient Architecture

An efficient architecture for AI tools, data storage, reading/writing & retrieval.

Open Source Platform

An open-source platform and database to develop and efficiently deploy cost-effective applications for our customers.